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Apacer AS2280P4U, AS2280P4U Pro launched, check their performance


Apacer launched the latest product consisting of two units, namely the Apacer AS2280P4U and AS2280P4U Pro. Apacer AS2280P4U and AS2280P4U Pro are M.2 PCIe SSD-based storage with read/write speeds of up to 3500/3000 MBps. This performance offers a reliable speed to make laptops and PCs have increased performance.



SSD, which carry M.2 Gen 3 x4 technology. For professional use with high-performance requirements. The Pro model is equipped with an aluminum heatsink to help reduce temperatures by up to 25 percent.

For performance, the SSD Apacer are claimed to have high read/write speeds of 3,500/3,000 Mbps. But these two Apacer M.2 PCIe SSD products already meet the standards of NVMe 1.3 technology, which relies on PCIe Gen3 x4 and 3D NAND. This performance is claimed to be able to provide the need to play games while working quickly when switching from one program to another.


For connectivity, the SSD support compatibility across all devices, mainstream laptops, ultra-thin laptops, gaming PCs, and mini PCs to game consoles. Its performance is said to have been designed to meet the needs of esports players, overclockers, and videographers.

Apacer AS2280P4U Pro, which comes with a heatsink, is intended for users who really understand stable performance and always push their devices at the highest performance. This component is claimed to be able to maintain stable storage performance at high temperatures because it can reduce up to 25 percent.

The usage limit of the SSD is also claimed to be very long. Apacer complements SLC Caching technology in the form of a layered cache to increase speed performance as well as advanced wear-leveling and automatic error-correction functions.

In conclusion, SSD intelligently also keep their operations stable and reliable. And are able to maintain their performance for long-term use.


Apacer AS2280P4U and AS2280P4U Pro Price

Then for the price, Apacer does not mention the market price for the AS2280P4U. And AS2280P4U Pro, but they guarantee all their products will be provided with a five-year global warranty.

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