August 13, 2022
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Dell XPS 13 Plus launch: Design,keyboard,Performance,Price


Dell has launched their newest laptop, the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Dell XPS 13 Plus is present at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022), where Dell showcased its newest laptop, the Dell XPS 13 Plus.



For design, the Dell XPS 13 has a minimalist look with thin bezels and has a different design from most laptops. And this laptop weighs 1.2 kg with a thickness dimension of 1.53 cm. And one of them is the hidden touchpad design. Usually, the touchpad on laptops is located under the keyboard with a visible frame. The touchpad belonging to the Dell XPS 13 Plus comes without a frame. So it seems to blend with the palmrest area.

The Dell XPS 13 touchpad area has an area ranging from the “Alt” key at the bottom left of the keyboard to the “Alt” key on the right side of the keyboard. So, users have to get used to remembering the position or touchpad area on a laptop.

To make it easier to remember, the width of the touchpad area on this laptop is practically the same width as the space bar on the keyboard flanked by two “Alt” keys.


For the keyboard, the Dell XPS 13 also comes with a keyboard design that now looks elegant. on the right and left of the keyboard are made close to the edge of the laptop (edge-to-edge), so that the laptop looks more concise and clean. Other design updates can also be seen at the top of the keyboard. Here the row of function keys (Fn, F1-F12, etc.) are not physical buttons but capacitive buttons that can be touched. Much like the Touch Bar feature on the MacBook line of laptops. As for the Pad screen aspect, the Dell XPS 13 Plus supports a 13.4-inch “Infinity Edge” screen with a resolution of up to UHD + and a brightness level of up to 500 nits. In addition to design, Dell



In terms of performance, this Dell XPS 13 laptop is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core i7 P-Series (Alder Lake) processor. The performance-per-watt aspect of this device is also more capable than the Dell XPS 13. Which was released last year because the TDP of the Dell XPS 13 Plus is now at 28W, an increase from the 15W carried by its predecessor.


Dell XPS 13 comes in two color variants, namely Platinum and Graphite. This laptop already runs the Windows 11 operating system (OS). And will be available for the first time in the United States (US) around March-June 2022. For the price alone, the premium thin laptop will be sold at a starting price of $ 1,200.

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