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DJI launches Camera Ronin 4D, check out the design,performance,price


DJI recently released their newest camera product, the Ronin 4D Camera. Ronin 4D Camera This is a cinema camera system with integrated 4-way gimbal, 8K resolution. And a Lidar sensor that promises sharper, faster and more reliable focusing. The Ronin 4D camera is made for professionals, demonstrating the prowess of DJI’s technology in both gimbal and camera technology.


Ronin 4D Camera Design, Perfomance

In terms of design, the “Zenmuse X9” Camera is designed for the Ronin 4D. It is a full-frame model that can switch lenses using a DJI DL or Leica M lens (along with other mirrorless lenses via an adapter) and is equipped with no less than 9 ND filters for control exposure.

The Ronin 4D camera is available in a 6K model that can handle 6K video at 60 fps and 4K at 120 fps, or an 8K 75 fps version. The product can record files in RAW, ProRes, and H.264, allowing maximum flexibility in production. DJI claims the Ronin 4D performs well in low light thanks to its dual-native ISO 800/5000.




And the Camera is also equipped with its own Gimbal, which is one of the first to offer Z-axis stabilization. Its purpose is to reduce vertical shake when the camera operator is walking or running. The size of the Ronin 4D is relatively small, with a weight of 4.67 kg, not including the lens and storage card.

And the Ronin 4D  equipped with a Lidar focusing system offers a claimed 43,200 point coverage that reaches as far as 10 meters so that it finds subjects quickly and accurately, even in low-light environments. DJI also states that the Lidar focus system can meter onto the subject without relying on surface textures or looking for edges.

The system supports full autofocus, manual focus, and “Automated Manual Focus” (AMF). Which allows the camera operator to “draw focus with extreme precision.” The common goal with AMF is that autofocus takes care of most AF tasks but allows the operator to manually intervene at any point.

Ronin 4D Price

For the price, the Ronin 4D Camera with a 6K camera retails for $7,199. While the 8K model retails for $11,499. Both cameras are equipped with a gimbal, camera, Lidar sensor, monitor, handgrip, carrying case, and battery.

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