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Free Download Driver Epson L3150, Software Update, Performance


The Epson L3150 is a printer product from the Epson brand. This Epson L3150 printer is part of the EcoTank printer product line that uses inkjet technology to print documents. This EcoTank is a cartridge-free printer that uses a tank as a container to distribute ink.



For performance, this Epson L3150 printer has a print head that carries piezoelectric materials as part of its components. When electrified, these materials will react, and the reaction will push the ink out of the tiny holes in the print head.

This L3150 printer has small holes in a print head called a nozzle, and in general, the print head has hundreds of nozzles that emit microscopic ink drops. On the Epson L3150 printer, there are 180 nozzles for black and 59 nozzles for magenta, cyan, and yellow, respectively.

With the help of the nozzle, it can determine the speed of the Epson L3150 printer in printing documents. In draft mode, the Epson L3150 printer is capable of printing approximately 33 monochrome pages per minute and 15 color pages per minute. If measured based on ISO 2473, the print speed can reach 10 ipm for black and white prints and 5 ipm for color prints.

The speed of this Epson L3150 printer starts from the ready condition until the first page comes out of the printer. For black and white prints, the time is about 10 seconds, and for color printing, about 16 seconds. The speed of processing the first page is also important to note so that it does not affect work efficiency in the office environment.

All In One

This Epson L3150 print head can issue the smallest ink drop size that can be issued by each nozzle on the print head, which is 3 picoliters. This feature is important to know because it is one of the main factors that determine whether or not the print quality is good. The smaller the ink drop size, the better the print quality will look.

The Epson L3150 printer is equipped with ALL In One, which is to scan documents. The flatbed scanner embedded in it has a scan area of ​​216 x 297 mm and is able to produce output at an optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, which may be sufficient for your needs.

Free Download Driver Epson L3150

Developer: Epson 

OS: Windows 7,8,8.1,10

  • Type : Printer Driver
  • version: 2.62.01(01-2021)
  • File Size: 31.87 MB
  • Windows 64-bit

Download Here


OS: Windows 11,7,8,8.1,10,

  • Type: Scan Driver
  • version:
  • File Size: 60.91 MB
  • Windows 64 bit

Download Here


OS: Windows 7,8,8.1,10

  • Type : Printer Driver
  • version: 2.62.01(01-2021)
  • File Size: 27.86 MB
  • Windows 32-bit

Download Here


OS: Windows,10,11

  • Type: Scan Driver
  • version:
  • File Size: 60.91 MB
  • Windows 32 bit

Download Here


OS: Windows 11

  • Type : Printer Driver
  • version: 2.62.01(01-2021)
  • File Size: 31.87 MB
  • Windows 64 bit

Download Here


OS: Windows 11

  • Type: Scan Driver
  • version:
  • File Size: 60.91 MB
  • Windows 64 bit

Download Here


OS: Mac OS X – PowerMac, Mac OS X – Intel

  • Type: Printer Driver
  • version: 10.85(11-2020)
  • File Size: 52.24 MB

Download Here


OS: Mac OS X – Intel

  • Type: Scan Driver
  • version:
  • File Size: 24.43 MB

Download Here


Manual User’s Guide Epson L3110 (in.pdf)

Download Here


Quick Guide Epson L3110 (in.pdf)

Download Here


How to Install the Epson L3150 Printer Driver, Follow the steps below:

  • Select the Epson L3150 driver downloaded folder that you downloaded above.
  • click the installation file.
  • then you click the Run button if the Open File – Security Warning dialog box appears to start installing the driver.
  • Click the OK button to continue with the installation process.
  • then Wait a few moments until the driver install process is complete, then the License Agreement display will appear on your desktop.
  • After that appears Accept if you agree to the License Agreement statement and go to the next installation section, namely the Additional Agreements section,
  • Just click the Next button, then there will be instructions to fill the printer ink,
  • Activate the tick on the “I have finished filling ink into the ink tanks” section if the printer ink is already filled.
    Click the Next button, not long after the software download process will run,
  • Wait until the process is complete, if it is then there will be instructions to connect the printer cable to the computer,
  • Connect the printer’s USB cable to the laptop or PC you are using.
  • Wait a few moments until the computer detects it automatically, after that several options will appear to install the Epson printer software.
  • Select the software you want to install by ticking the desired section.
  • Click the Install button to start installing the selected software.
  • Wait until the software installation process is complete, if so, the Print a Test page will appear.
  • Click the Next button if you want to go straight to the next process.
  • Wait a few moments when the process/loading and forms related to product registration appear.
  • Press the Close button if you don’t want to register.

Using Scan on the Epson l3210 Printer, follow the method below


  • Turn on your Epson L3210 printer.
  • then prepare the paper document to be scanned.
  • replace the scan cover at the top of the printer.
  • then put the paper document on the scanner glass.
  • Pay attention to the arrow on one corner of the printer to measure your paper using both A4 and Letter
  • Place one corner of the paper so that it is close to the arrow.
  • then Close the scan cover again.
  • Open the Windows start menu.
  • Click the search button in the start menu.
  • Type “Epson 2” in the search field, then the Epson scanner application will open.
  • Select the type of document according to the document to be scanned in the Mode section.
  • You can choose to save the scan results in the Folder section and create a folder name so you can easily remember it
  • Click the Preview button to see a preview of the scanned document.
  • Click the Scan button if you are sure and want to start scanning the document.

Print with Epson L3150

  • you turn on the Epson L3120 printer first,
  • then Connect the printer’s USB cable to the computer or laptop that is used,
  • You first make sure that the printer driver is installed correctly,
  • you Insert the blank paper that you want to use to print the document into the printer’s paper tray,
  • And all you have to do is open the file you want to print, for example a Microsoft word or excel file, then click the File menu located on the upper left side of the Ms Word menu,
  • Press Ctrl+P on the keyboard simultaneously, then the printer window will open,
  • Select the printer type in the Printer section, then select the Epson L3120 Series printer, if your device has several printers
  • Then click the Print button to start printing the document.

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