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Infinix XE20 tws at a low price: see the reviews


Infinix XE20 is also here for users who don’t want to spend more, with a very cheap price offer. And cheap TWS earphones have started to mushroom throughout 2021. Where there are more and more smartphones that are not equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, people are finally starting to choose the practicality of TWS.

And recently, Infinix is ​​also included in the wearables category by presenting the Infinix XE20 wireless earphones. Usually, its smartphone can always provide more value at an affordable price, as well as this first TWS. Not only cheap but this audio accessory is also claimed to be suitable for those who like to play games.

With these two, Infinix can still provide excellent connectivity, something that is not offered much from its competitors at a slightly more expensive price, though. Then how about the overall quality? Here’s a full review of the TWS Infinix XE20.


Infinix XE20 Design

For the design, the first time we see this black Infinix XE20 unit. I was a little surprised too because the color in the box was white. So what about when you hold it? Well, I immediately felt that the price was affordable.

The charging case to the earbuds is made of lightweight plastic material with a glossy surface. It looks good, as long as it’s clean because it’s also easy to leave fingerprints. After two weeks of use, the body of the Infinix XE20 also has fine scratches—only visible in certain lighting conditions.

At least the opening and closing mechanism of the case is quite firm, and the Infinix XE20 earbuds are also easy to take or put into the case. The IPX4 certification makes it safe for splashing water, as well as being used while exercising.

The connection process is also quite instant.  Are no buttons inside the case, of course, but the pairing mode can be accessed with special gestures. There is no noise-canceling feature yet, and with a semi-in-ear design, it will not be suitable for those of you who want an atmosphere that is impervious to outside sounds.

There are not many features that can be discussed because Infinix XE20 comes without a default application, to be installed on both Android and iOS. The advantage? Simple, you can use it. Oh yes, for telephone needs, the microphone is standard, and there is no noise reduction.


For performance, TWS Infinix XE20 supports instant pairing. When the earbuds are lifted or removed from the charging case, they automatically connect to the last device. It doesn’t support a seamless connection yet, so you can’t switch directly to another device.

The outer earbud surface of the Infinix XE20 also supports touch gestures. The shortcuts themselves are pretty much the same; one-touch to respond to calls or music, double-tap the right to skip songs or hold one second to summon Google voice assistant or Siri.

Well, if you touch it for a long time, you can turn the device off and on—an extra gesture that I don’t think is necessary. Meanwhile, if you hold it for 7 seconds, you can enter pairing mode to connect to a new device.

Indeed, it cannot be changed or customized through the application. But at least these default shortcuts are quite diverse. No need to knock hard, and the outer body of the Infinix XE20 can already respond and activate shortcuts as desired.

Infinix XE20 Battery

In terms of the battery, the Infinix XE20 is supported by a battery that should have a large capacity—Infinix does not provide information on the size of mAh units. However, the playtime is quite long.

For one use, it is claimed to be able to survive when playing music for about 3.5 – 4 hours. Meanwhile, when combined with a charging case, it can last up to 30 hours. If you play songs for about 3-4 hours a day, it can take up to a week or so before you need to recharge.

However, this affordable TWS still uses a micro USB port, but not with the Infinix XE20. The use of a USB-C port on the lower body makes you no need to carry other cables besides today’s Android smartphone chargers. So it is more practical when traveling. The process itself takes more than 2 hours. 


And in terms of audio, these TWS earphones are the cheapest I’ve ever tried. So for audio quality, I don’t have high expectations. Although, indeed, the Infinix XE20 supports both SBC and AAC codecs, so the quality should be pretty good.

And it’s true. The 10mm driver on each earbud is able to provide a relatively neutral audio quality. The bass is still quite pronounced, but don’t rule out other instruments. So it is suitable for listening to many genres of music.



For $13.88, the Infinix XE20 comes as an attractive option. Not only can it give you the convenience of listening to music without cables, but it is also suitable for gaming. The design is also different, so it’s an alternative for those of you who don’t like wearing rubber ear tips.

Already using a USB-C port, the battery life is also long. At most, the note on the surface of the body that is easily dirty and the microphone are not okay for use in a crowd. Overall, worthy of the first release from Infinix. 

Infinix XE20 Specifications 


  • Brand: Infinix
  • Model: XE20
  • colors: Black, White


  • Battery capacity: 550 mAh (charging case)
  • Charge Time:150 minutes
  • Reverse charging 5W
  • Durability: IPX4 splash resistant

Infinix XE20 Connectivity

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5, support SBC & AAC codec
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Features: low-latency 60ms


  • Total playback: 30 hours
  • Music playback: 4 hours

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