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Nikon launches Z9 flagship mirrorless camera: performance and price


Nikon recently launched their latest camera product, the flagship mirrorless camera Z9. Z9 flagship mirrorless camera is Nikon’s first camera to use a stacked sensor with internal memory, which is claimed to have a very high reading speed. In fact, Nikon is so confident in the electronic shutter. And abandoned the mechanical shutter completely that the Z9 is the first high-end professional camera not to have one.

The Z9 flagship mirrorless camera is equipped with a resolution of 45.7 MP. This full-frame mirrorless is capable of recording video at up to 8K 30p resolution and RAW burst shooting speeds of up to 20 fps. With a high-speed sensor, the Z9 allows flash sync up to 1/200 second. This appears to be the highest sync speed ever for an electronic shutter. Nikon also had to make the Z9 resistant to rolling shutter interference, which is especially important if the camera is going to be used for sports photography or other fast-moving subjects.

The Z9’s camera has a faster sensor enabling JPG burst shooting at up to 30 fps or RAW photos at 20 fps. If the resolution is lowered to 11 MP, users can take photos at 120 fps. Like other stacked sensor-based cameras, the Nikon Z9 has much better buffering, allowing capturing up to 1,000 frames at a time with a JPG or RAW HE (high efficiency) compression algorithm.


Nikon Z9 Camera Performance

For the performance of this Z9 camera, the Nikon AF System is also all-new. And makes the use of AI algorithms more extensive. Just like the Canon EOS R3, the Z9 can track a wide range of subjects, including the eyes, faces, and bodies of people, dogs, cats, birds, planes, trains, motorcycles, and bicycles. The camera will detect it when the user sets it to Auto mode. It also offers a “3D tracking” system like the one in Nikon DSLRs. All of this is in line with the Z9’s purpose as a sports/action/wildlife photography camera.

Nikon has also improved its in-body stabilization system (IBIS), which it calls Vibration Reduction or VR. Now, this camera can combine the IBIS. And OIS stabilization systems for more stable videos or photos with very minimal blur. However, it will only be available with a few lenses, namely the Nikkor Z 70-200m F/2.8, Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR. And the recently announced Z 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 VR S.



And this Mirrorless Camera has an OLED-based electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 3.69 million dots with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Not to forget the LCD screen on the back that can be tilted up and down. And for the price of the Nikon Z9 camera, it sells for $ 5,500

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