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OPPO Air Glass slide: Design, Performance and Release


OPPO has recently re-launched their newest product. This product is quite different from Oppo, namely OPPO Air Glass. This OPPO Air Glass is one of the devices they announced smart glasses, which can be controlled using gestures, sound, touch, and gestures.

The smart glasses segment, aka smart glasses itself, is not too crowded by itself. If Google’s only ‘stops’ for application developers, even Huawei’s or Bose’s glasses don’t have many smart features. Alias ​​, integrate the speakers into the stem without having an additional screen.



For design, this OPPO Air Glass has two parts, namely the glasses frame and the main module. The frame itself comes in two options; silver colour with the half-frame design and black full-frame. Each is equipped with a magnet on the right side.

The magnet is used to attach the frame to the main module of OPPO Air Glass. No need to worry about being vulnerable to dislodgement because the device is claimed to remain strong and comfortable for sports activities such as jogging and cycling. Its weight is also very, very light, which is a total of only 30 grams. It has been calculated for continuous use so as not to tire.

The front lens itself is designed like a cicada wing. Inside, there is a quality screen projected from the “Spark Micro Projector” module, measuring only 0.5cc, the equivalent of a coffee bean. Combined with micro-LED that can emit light up to 3 million nits. So the content will be easily visible even outside the room.

While the screen on the lens can light up to 1400 nits, with 256 levels of black and white, two layers of sapphire glass are used for the best level of transparency and durability. Of course, on the stem or frame that will be located above the user’s ear, it doesn’t only consist of the projector.

OPPO Air Glass Performance

For performance, OPPO Air Glass is powered by the Snapdragon 4100 Wear chipset from Qualcomm. And complements it with sensors and other hardware commonly found on smartphones. Call it the battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speakers, dual microphones and touch bar. But to operate this device, not only can it pass the touch bar. Rather there are a total of four different ways.

When connected to an OPPO smartphone or smartwatch, users can access notifications just by touching the touch bar panel. Don’t want to use touch? You can nod your head down. Two other ways are to use voice commands or hand gestures (which are read by the sensor of the OPPO Watch).

Apart from being a notification pointer, calendar, weather, navigation and other standard information, OPPO Air Glass can also be paired for the direct translation feature. When the opponent is speaking in their native language, OPPO Air Glass users can automatically recognize it from the screen in front of their eyes. The language is currently still limited, only Chinese, English and Japanese, and will be added in the future.


Because it is no longer a prototype, OPPO Air Glass will be officially sold starting next year in Mainland China, namely in the first quarter of 2022. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of a global sales plan or an estimated price.

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