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Oppo presents MagVOOC, a magnetic charger, see the news


Oppo has just released its latest technology regarding its latest magnetic-based charging product, namely MagVOOC. MagVOOC makes use of magnetic coupling to ensure precise alignment between the phone and the charging adapter. At the same time, the attached magnet also allows the phone to be used while the battery is charging.

This Oppo MagVOOC consists of several devices, such as the MagVOOC Wireless Power Bank, MagVOOC Ultra-Thin Flash Charger, and MagVOOC Wireless Flash. With this technology, Oppo is committed to optimizing its products to provide the best experience for users.

Perfomance Oppo MagVOOC

In terms of design, the physical appearance of the MagVOOC Ultra-Thin Flash Charger is very thin. MagVOOC is claimed to be capable of delivering power at a maximum speed of 20W. This charger can also act as a regular Qi wireless charger for phones that don’t support MagVOOC.


MagVOOC is also equipped with a Wireless Flash Charging Stand that has a 40W output. If used with a device like the OPPO Ace2, which has a 4,000 mAh battery, this charger can charge it from empty to full in just 56 minutes.

Next, there is the MagVOOC Wireless Power Bank which packs a capacity of 4,500 mAh and an output of 20W. For devices that are not compatible with MagVOOC. This power bank can still charge the battery wirelessly, but of course, it can’t be magnetically attached.

In addition to demonstrating MagVOOC, OPPO also showcased Air Charging technology which is capable of delivering power to smartphones via the Air with an output of 7.5W. The distance can’t be too far, but the most important thing is that the phone doesn’t have to be in a certain position and can still be used during the charging process.

Smartphone Connectivity In The Car

Then OPPO also showed its innovations in terms of smartphone connectivity in the car. The first is digital car key technology, which allows users to unlock the car using an OPPO smartphone connected via Bluetooth. This feature sounds very practical in everyday contexts because it doesn’t rely on cellular networks.

Furthermore, OPPO also demonstrated how users could use OPPO Find X3 or OPPO Watch 2 to turn on the car’s air conditioner remotely or honk the horn from a distance when looking for their car in a crowded parking area. As a bonus, users can also enjoy fast charging in the car, either 65W via cable or 40W wirelessly.

The realization of these innovations certainly requires the involvement of car manufacturers. OPPO itself stated that they are open to collaboration across industries to explore new possibilities. So far, they have also formed partnerships with many leading vehicle brands, such as NIO, BYD Auto, and Geely.

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