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OPPO Reno6 will be equipped with Bokeh Flare Portrait Video

At the OPPO Reno6 Imaging Workshop, OPPO showed that the upcoming Reno6 would be the first smartphone with cinematic bokeh. Previously to achieve a cinematic bokeh effect on videos. Users needed professional equipment, a professional team, and even still needed a professional editor to get it done. But with the Bokeh Flare Portrait Video on the Reno6 stunning cinematic bokeh flare videos. OPPO also explains how this effect works. When the user presses the Bokeh Flare Portrait Video button.
OPPO Reno6 starts using AI deep learning to perform a frame-by-frame understanding of the video to accurately distinguish between the subject of the video and the background. The system can segment human subjects accurately and in real-time 360 ​​degrees. After segmentation, pixel-level optimized rendering is performed for both the subject and the background image. Images special color and brightness processing is performed at the pixel level to preserve the original colors of the image while optimizing them.
Computational vision techniques are used to perform background blurring, saturation enhancement and color adjustment of halos in the background image. It is known that OPPO Reno6 has the ability to approximate the type of bokeh effect achieved with a DSLR camera’s large aperture camera lens to mimic the bokeh effect, size, brightness. Bokeh circles of each light in a video that has been determined based on artificial intelligence understanding. The light source in the background during the recording process the size and brightness of the bokeh lights will change based on camera movement and changes in depth.

OPPO has implemented computational photography

OPPO has implemented computational photography as a means to improve imaging performance in its smartphone products. In early 2014  OPPO introduced Ultra-HD Multi-Shot on the Find7 model which also leverages computational photography to deliver a smartphone camera system capable of producing 50MP photos. Always innovating and developing technology over the years. OPPO has proven it by making significant breakthroughs in smartphone videography. Starting with the introduction of Ultra-Steady Video in the Reno2 series in 2019. OPPO’s progress in computational photography has gradually penetrated into the realm of video.
The transition towards developing video features as a core part of the Reno series is further realized through the presence of the AI ​​Color Portrait features Reno4 series marking the first creative video feature supported by computational photography And in the Reno5 series with the introduction of the AI ​​Highlight Video mode OPPO created a feature where anyone can record clear videos even in lighting situations that a smartphone would not allow.
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