October 01, 2022
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PlayStation VR2 launches, Release 2023, Specifications


Sony was recently reported to be launching their newest flagship Playstation headset product, the PlayStation VR2. PlayStation VR2 is the next generation of VR1 which was already present on the market. let’s look at the reviews like the product when it rolled out to the market.



For performance, this PlayStation VR2 will come with a display resolution of up to 4K. And this headset also has a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz and has a viewing angle of 110 degrees. And Sony claims that this VR2 will also have the ability to render certain parts of the image to make it look sharper than others. This will speed up the process carried out by the device. Sony also reports that, this headset can also be connected to the user console via a USB Type-C cable connection.

And the PlayStation VR2 has upgraded the camera again, so it doesn’t need a camera connected to the console to track the user’s movements. And for that this VR headset already uses sensor tracking similar to Quest 2. Where the headset camera will be responsible for reading movement.

Supported by this technology, you will be able to look around while wearing a PS VR2 headset.  The Company, claims that the PlayStation 5 will allow users to broadcast live (broadcast) while playing VR games using a connected PlayStation HD camera as an enhancement.


PlayStation VR2 Release Date

And according to news from Sony , PS VR2 will come along with 20 big game titles that will also be present in 2023 . And some of these games include those set in the Horizon and Walking Dead universes, as well as VR versions of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village. As for the color, as in general, the color of the PlayStation VR2 is identical to the white-black color similar to the PS5.

while the price is not yet known, the game headset will be sold. For sure the range is not much different from the VR1 version. But we’ll just have to wait for further news at the start of the launch in 2023.

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