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LG Announces QNED Mini LED TV ready to launch check the news


LG Electronics, a few days ago, officially announced the availability of its QNED Mini LED TV line in the world. Previously, in early 2021, LG had announced that it would launch  QNED Mini LED TV globally. LG added that the QNED Mini LED TV would be available in North America soon. Furthermore, the LG  will be available in various countries around the world starting this July.

The LG QNED Mini LED TV itself is the flagship of LG’s premium LCD TV line in 2021. LG claims the   TV provides a big leap in the picture quality presented by LCD TVs because LG QNED Mini LED TV uses Mini LED and Quantum Dot NanoCell.



“The LG TV is a testament to the company’s success in innovating and bringing a technological leap into the LCD TV category. This new line of LG TV products is also a testament to the company’s seriousness in strengthening our position in leading the premium TV market through the presence of our innovative products,” said Park Hyoung-sei (President of LG Home Entertainment Company).

Mini LED refers to the mini-sized LED used by the LG . Thanks to the smaller size of the LEDs commonly used as backlights on LCD TVs, the number of Mini LEDs that can be used as backlights on the same sized LCD TVs is much higher.

LG says the QNED Mini LED TV has as many as 30,000 Mini LEDs as its backlight. The 30,000 mini-LEDs are also grouped into nearly 2,500 zones, to be precise, dimming zones. In other words, the LG QNED Mini LED TV has nearly 2,500 zones whose individual brightness content. This amount is much more than LCD TVs which still use conventional LEDs.

LG QNED Mini LED TV can display a better picture


So, the LG  can display a better picture containing adjacent light and dark areas; light areas can appear bright without making dark areas less dark. As a result, the LG   is able to produce black colours that are blacker than LCD TVs that have not used Mini LED in various scenarios.

Meanwhile, the Quantum Dot in the Quantum Dot NanoCell — the term NanoCell already used by LG in its NanoCell TV line — refers to semiconductor particles that are only a few nanometers in size. Quantum dot will emit light with a certain single colour when exposed to blue light. In other words, adding a quantum dot allows a blue light source to produce a more precise or “pure” red, green, and blue light than a filtered white light source. Red, green, blue, aka RGB (red, green, blue) itself is a primary colour alias primary for light.

Using quantum dots in the LCD TV’s backlight allows LCD TVs to display brighter and more accurate colours as well as a better colour gamut than LCD TVs that use white LEDs with filters. That’s the advantage that the LG  offers compared to LCD TVs that don’t use quantum dots yet.

For size, the LG  TV will be available with screen diagonal sizes from 65 inches to 86 inches. There are two resolution options, namely 8K and 4K. However, LG did not mention a suggested price for this TV.

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