August 18, 2022
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Samsung presents a 1000-inch Samsung The Wall 2021, check the news


Samsung has relaunched the most exciting new version of the micro TV. This device, named Samsung the Wall, features 8K resolution and a higher screen refresh rate when compared to its predecessor.

SAMSUNG The Wall Micro led TV The screen measures over 1,000 inches, creating a wide canvas for displaying content that can be scaled precisely, up to 16K resolution. It’s a slimmer, modular display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Samsung The Wall provides unlimited opportunities for businesses to showcase their content. This TV will provide better color clarity, easy installation and is equipped with an enhanced and enhanced Micro AI processor that is claimed to optimize video playback.

Samsung uses black seal technology and ultra chroma to produce more attractive videos. This jumbo-sized TV also features HDR10+ format, eye comfort mode, and implements a wireless docking connection.

Samsung The Wall 2021 also has a new Micro AI Processor

Samsung The Wall 2021 also has a new Micro AI Processor which analyzes and optimizes every video frame so as to deliver the claimed best image quality. The new Micro AI Processor uses up to sixteen neural network models so it can optimize image quality up to 8K resolution.


The increased 120 Hz frame rate is said to make the video displayed smoother. Even from sources that are only 60 Hz, Samsung The Wall 2021 will also convert it to 120 Hz. As a result, videos that contain fast motion will appear better.Samsung the Wall 2021 Micro led TV can be installed in several key locations, as its micro panel design means easier installation even on the ceiling. Samsung’s goal is to create an unforgettable customer experience for businesses looking to use Wall micro led TVs.

Samsung was informed that it is available in select markets globally. However, there is no further information regarding the price details of this thin and sophisticated TV.

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