November 29, 2022
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Segway launches Robot Navimow, lawn mower, price


Segway recently launched their newest product, a lawnmower called the Segway Navimow. Navimow robot is claimed to have an intelligent system and when cutting grass with a very minimal engine sound. The device can work automatically, so there is no need to push manually.

To Operate this Navimow Robot so that it can mow its own grass after the path has been set through the application It will also increase the efficiency of the cutting process by up to 6 times. Navimow has an EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System) positioning system, using satellite signals from GPS.



The Segway Navimow also integrates various other sensor information to assist with positioning, such as inertial navigation, odometer, geomagnetic information, differential barometer, and so on. The robot can also operate stably even though the satellite signal is unstable.

This Navimow robot has knife-stopping technology that can better protect children or pets. There is also an ultrasonic sensor, which can see the surrounding environment in real-time in order to avoid obstacles safely and avoid collisions.

And the Segway Navimow is also equipped with a rain detection feature. When it rains, this Navimow robot will automatically return to the charging station, but you can turn off the rain sensor and activate Navimow even if it’s wet outside. When the battery is too low, the Navimow will continue to cut from its last place after recharging.

Price segway navimow

In terms of performance, Segway claims that the highest noise when the Navimow operates is only 54 decibels. This is lower than most industrial-grade lawn mowers at 60 decibels and 4 decibels lower than the current low of 58 decibels for conventional lawnmowers on the market. Pricing for the Segway Navimow starts at $1,754.2

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